EnchantedPvP Updates

EPvP 1.0 Changes

New Mob Arena: Oasis

- Bigger arena, more players, harder mobs, and better rewards!

- New Donor Class: Aquamarine

Visit /warp mobarena in game for more info, or refer to enchantedpvp.org/mobarena 

Chaos Zone (Nether World)

- Multi-tier custom mobs

- Regenerating ores

- Ability to mine keys with Chaos Pickaxe

- PvP Enabled!

- Only way in or out is through the Chaos Portal

Visit /warp chaos in game, then enter the portal for more information!

Other Minor Changes:

- Golden apple cooldown of 3 minutes

- Use /trade (player) to trade with a nearby player

- Difficulty increased from Normal -> Hard (affects mob difficulty and regen rate)

- Bigger shop size, use /warp shop to warp to the immersive shop

Map Reset Very Soon!

After working on the official release for about a month now, it is almost time! The planned reset is schedule for sometime this Weekend! The reset will include many new features, most notable of which is a CHAOS ZONE where you can mine Keys, Star Tokens, and much more. This Zone will take place in the Nether, and you will be vulnerable to PvP and Mobs.

Until the reset, you can use /kit ResetSoon on the current server for OP pvp gear to have fun while the admins finish the reset. The reset will wipe ALL ITEMS and ALL FACTIONS. The only thing that will carry over is Ranks, Kits (such as Beta Kit), and Credit Points! So save up your credit points from voting to use next map!

Keep checking the website for more details.

[Admin] xShadowStrike a Going to be a few hours in the making, check the website every so often for status reports
[Iron] WZD ETA? I'm excited :)

Beta 1.2 Update

- Added dynamic scoreboard (toggle: /scoreboard)

- Skulls now drop when a player is killed

- Kills are now tracked! use /ks ? for help

- Donor kits are now every 24 hours (instead of 48)

/kit Abyss1 is now every 3 days (instead of 7)

- Donors can now sell up to 3 items at a time in the Auction House

- Donor kits now contain CRATE KEYS!

Early Access Sale

From now until the end of February, all players who join EnchantedPvP during it's Early Access BETA stage will receive 15% off all donation ranks. For more information about donating, visit: enchantedpvp.org/donate

Abyss Weekend

From Friday to Sunday, receive a serious CP discount on all Abyss gear and Potion Sets! Start saving up those votes and get ready for some PvP mayhem.

Upcoming Features:

Although there have not been any major visible changes to the server in the last week, I assure you all there are numerous feature improvements in the works. Future updates are being implemented and tweaked on a separate test server to minimize the downtime and glitches present on the active one. Stay tuned for a minor update this weekend, and a HUGE one by the end of the month...



Once again, I apologize for the Enderchest bug, but I am happy to announce the faulty plugin has been removed and replaced. All items have been transferred over from /newchest back into your normal enderchests. For donors: Your /enderchest has been synced back to normal, and Gold/Diamond/Emerald/Abyss donors have their extra slots back.

Event Update

Today is the last day of Double Voting Keys! Hope you all enjoyed the events this weekend. We will be putting on more events soon, so stay tuned! As always, feel free to make any event suggestions in the forum section.


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