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Greetings! There will be several special events going on this weekend.

The first is a passive multiplier of 2x ALL CRATE KEYS from voting! That's right, start saving up those legendary keys and grab the rank up! This event will go active Thursday at 11:59pm EST and through Sunday the 11th.

The second event is a Mob Arena tournament which will take place Saturday, February 10th starting at 12pm EST. Prizese will be awarded to the top 3 teams who survive the longest, with 1st place receiving 300 CP and 1 Legendary Key each, 2nd place receiving 1 Legendary Key, and 3rd place receiving 1 Epic Key. To participate, YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR TEAM IN ADVANCE! To do so, click here: Register now!

Also, as you may have noticed: There has been a bug detected with Enderchests. So far, it has only affected a few players, but proactive measures are being taken to switch plugins to avoid any future item loss. To ensure the safety of your items, please use /newchest  rather than /enderchest  or a physical enderchest. If you have any questions, please ask!


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