Beta 1.0 Update

Here are the details concerning the following changes:
(Forgive me if there are spelling errors, it's 7am rn and I haven't slept yet!)

- Better Mob Arena rewards
>> Every 2 Waves | Added chance of TNT
>> Every 5 Waves | Added more enchanted books and chance of Star Tokens
For a full reward list, visit:

- New Mob Arena classes: Miner and Reaper
>> These classes are now fully balanced and accessible for donor classes.
For class information, visit:

- Rebalanced Mob Arena bosses
>> Everyone's favor Villager, Mr. Vindicator no longer has a speed buff

- Player auctions (use /auc help)
>> Implemented player auctions which allow for the selling of any items

- Updated broadcast messages
>> Updated the look and information for the auto messages

- Abyss items added to CP Shop (more coming soon)
>> Implemented Abyss diamond armor sets, which can be obtained with CP or in /kit abyss1

- Donor ranks activated
>> EnchantedPvP is now accepting donations for ranks to help the server grow

- Obsidian Rank officially renamed to Abyss rank
>> By popular demand, the highest tier donor rank has been renamed to the original Abyss rank

- Slightly redesigned user chat interface
>> Things look nicer

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