Server Rules

These rules apply to all players (regardless of rank or status). It is your responsibility to read and actively follow all rules or your account may be banned. These rules are subject to change.

# 1 - No advertising or posting malicious links.

It is forbidden to advertise the IP or name of another server on EnchantedPvP or the website. This includes private messages.

It is also forbidden to post malicious links to content that is deemed harmful or distasteful. Please use common sense.

# 2 - No hacking or unfair clients

It is forbidden to use a mod or client that gives you an unfair advantage against other players. This includes modifications that automate movement, assist in PvP, or allow xray vision. 

You are ALLOWED to use the following modifications:

- Graphic aesthetic modifications (such as OptifFine or shaders)

- Armor status HUD modifications that do not give a significant advantage

- Minimaps that do not show players

- Sprint toggle

If you are unsure if your modification is allowed, ask a staff member prior to activating the mod.

# 3 - Respect staff members

Please show respect to all EnchantedPvP staff members. If you believe a staff member is incorrect, create a forum report or seek the help of a higher ranked staff member. Do not argue with them.

# 4 - No spamming, serious threats, racism, or excessive cursing.

Self-explanatory... please show courtesy to all players. 

# 5 - Do not lie to or impersonate staff members

Do not pretend to be an EnchantedPvP staff member.

Do not lie about user related things (such as ranks).

Note: Scamming and trap bases are allowed. Do not trade or teleport to a player you do not trust. You can use the /auction feature to sell an item without fear of being scammed or ask an admin to faciliate a trade.

Failure to comply with any or all of these rules may result in one or more of the following:

  • Kicked from server
  • Temporarily muted/permanently muted
  • Temporarily banned from server
  • Permanently banned from server
  • Permanently ip-banned from server
  • Banned from website

If you have any questions about any rules, please ask a staff member or create a forum thread.